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75 motivational quotes for entrepreneurs

With the 2014 just around the corner, it’s time to set the New Year’s resolution and what better way to do it than to create something as an entrepreneur.

Here’s the perfect motivation tool in slides to get the kick that you desperately need to get started…


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Spotify can help the music industry… not iTunes

Spotify logo


Yes you heard it right. It’s Spotify who can help the music industry. If the music industry is to survive piracy, it’s Spotify that will help it, not iTunes. I have recently jumped on board the Spotify bandwagon because I thought it was just another service just like iTunes. The very first time I checked it, it had few music on it so I dropped it but they have grown real big now to the point that they can help the music industry beat piracy.

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3 things I hate about iOS 7

iOS 7 icon

Apple yesterday showcased the much awaited iOS 7. At first when reading rumours that icons would be flattened, I said to myself… pffft rubbish talk! Apple would never ditch its gorgeous life-like icons as attention to detail is in their DNA. Boy was I wrong!

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