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Harnessing the power of location-based services to create communities

Recently I found myself in a very interesting brainstorming session about how to target and provide solutions for specific personas. One of the problems for a particular persona was how to get somebody to look after her kid who fell ill when she had to go to work. So the idea of a “super nanny “app which would help to locate nannies around the area came up.

The persona referred to a woman with low income in her 40s who is separated from her husband, has two kids, scared to use the internet but is always keeping in touch with family and friends via her mobile phone.  We found out that the app was not ideal for her since she trusted her friends more than reviews.

how to create communities

By using LBS, the persona would be able to identify where the nanny lives (which could always be on the road just next to hers) and also find out from her friends more about the nanny. While brainstorming we found out what she needed was a network or somebody in her community to reassure her that using this nanny would be a good idea. At that particular moment is just clicked, you can use LBS to create communities. LBS does not only provide you details of shops, bars, etc in your vicinity but it can also help you build a close circle of people in the neighbourhood. We figured out that by using such a location feature, she would be able to identify other potential mothers who would be able to look after her child when she goes away without having to pay for a babysitter or nanny, which is the whole idea of communities.

Who would you trust between someone with a couple of stars next to their name or someone who lives just around the corner?