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First take on Google+: circles

Well well, I finally got my invite for Google+, thanks to a good friend.

The first thing that I did was play around with circles.

Google’s video on circles:

The stream idea is cool and is the equivalent of status updates but the only difference with facebook is that you can stream videos is you have a web cam. (Google 1 – Facebook 0).  I always thought that the next evolution of facebook should be videos as described on my recent facebook post, even before the rumours of facebook buying Skype. Facebook wants to revolutionise the way people communicate by encouraging them to chat and message each other all in real time and Google have beaten them to the real-time video communication. Not that I think it will change a lot in terms of facebook users migrating to google+.

Now to the circles.
I was disappointed with circles as my original idea when I heard of it was it will auto-manage the privacy settings. Sure, it’s meant to make sure you stream specific messages to specific circles (e.g. girly messages to the close females friends) but I believe what most people want is auto-management of updates towards your circles, bearing in mind that most people do not have a clue about privacy settings.

From a facebook approach, it’s update your status and everybody gets it although in an ideal world it should have been filtered by the lists of friends which you create. In facebook you can’t even manage the privacy settings of the lists.The Google approach is put your friends in circles and send message, video streams to your circles. It’s plain, simple you will have circles of work friends, female friends, best friends, travel buddies, etc. Want to set up a new travel plan, stream it to your travel buddies without the whole world knowing about it. I like it, it’s a simple approach and I have to say thumbs up to Google for changing the whole approach. This seems to have been well thought and addressed so that there is no privacy settings to manage. Just put people in circles just like you would in your real life. As much as it pains me to say this, it’s Google 2 – Facebook 0.

I will post some more very soon on Google+ while I continue to play and dissect it.


In the meantime if you want a Google+ account, feel free to email me.