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Second take on Google+

Apologies for not writing lately but I have been busy with my app.

I’ll try to wrap up this post pretty quickly as I am pretty sure by now, a lot of people have access to Google+ since they opened their doors to the public last week.

After we looked at circles last time, we will be looking at hangouts, sparks, huddle and instant uploads.


I have to say this is a pretty cool feature which allows to see and chat with you friends. It’s totally visual. Similar to Facebook video call. Google+ seems to be much better than Facebook in doing this as it shows “Dharmesh Suraj Bali is hanging out with 2 friends”. Join this hangout. Pretty cool huh.

Google 2 Facebook 0


Sparks is a good way to pull information from the web based on your areas of interest.  My sparks seems to have disappeared though. I quite liked this feature. It’s like a news aggregator of your favourite topics. I would give Google+ 3-0 on with the sparks feature.

Messenger (ex-Huddle) and Instant upload

The Instant upload, as the name suggests, is a mobile feature which allows you to instanly upload pictures to a private album on Google+. Huddle is group chat just like you have on Facebook. So plus points there other than I have to say the instant upload is pretty good since taking pictures from the mobile is becoming a common feature nowadays.

A couple of notes

Seems to me that Google+ has removed sparks from its interface as I cannot access it or maybe it might be a bug affecting a few people since I have seen similar issues on forums. Huddle has been replaced by chat and messenger.

Full list of features are:

  • Circles
  • Stream
  • Photos
  • Hangouts
  • Chat
  • Profiles
  • Games
  • Search
I have been through the release notes and no news of Sparks being removed. I’ll keep you guys posted about what has happened to it.
That’s it for the final take. It’s looking good for Google+. I’m a bit disappointed about not finding sparks. I will be posting something new on Google in the coming days, so please check back.