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Apple tells me to build an HTML5 web app as an option

Now I have to say that I have been pleasantly surprised this weekend when Apple rejected one of my apps. This is not a dig at Apple for rejecting my app. They rejected it for all the right reasons. It’s more about what they were providing as an option…

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I was rather pleasantly surprised with this message:


If you cannot – or choose not to – revise your app to be in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines, you may wish to build an HTML5 web app instead. You can distribute web apps directly on your web site; the App Store does not accept or distribute web apps.

HTML5 is the major new version of HTML and enables audio and video to play natively in the browser without requiring proprietary plug-ins. Using HTML5, web apps can look and behave like native iPhone and iPad apps, and using HTML5′s Offline Application Cache, a web app can work even when the device is offline. With web apps, you have flexibility to deliver as much or as little functionality as you desire.

To get started with iPhone or iPad web apps, please review Getting Started with iPhone Web Apps.

For a description of the HTML elements and attributes you can use in Safari on iPhone, check out Safari HTML Reference: Introduction.


Apple has been a long-term supporter of HTML5. Although the specs for HTML5 are yet to be finalised, it is pleasing to see Apple promote this technology to its developers as an alternative rather than protect its Apps Ecosystem. Thumbs up to Apple.


You can also find more about HTML5 on the Apple website