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UK smartphones best data plan: The Full Monty vs The One Plan…

So I decided to move from O2 when my contract finished to a plan with more data limits.

In the UK , there are only 2 options T-mobile’s The Full Monty Plan and 3′s One Plan. Both of these options promise you unlimited data without restrictions.

The Full Monty is the most attractive, you get Unlimited calls, texts and data. I was tempted and I signed up for it. Unlimited everything for £21. I thought I had myself the deal of the century.
Boy, was I wrong!!! When I checked the Internet speeds on my iPhone with‘s app. I was shocked with the results. The results of my five tests at 3 different locations: 0.37, 0.59, 1.19, 3.29, 0.97Mbps. I cross-checked this with my girlfriend’s phone who is on Orange and she was getting blazing speeds of 7.98Mbps (see screenshots). I was not happy at all! How can you run an app on 0.37Mbps!!! Seriously that is terrible speed. Worst than O2. I kept testing T-mobile’s speed after the test and I felt it was way below what I expected. The next day I cancelled my SIM-only deal with them as I was not satisfied with the data speeds which averaged less than 1Mbps.

T-mobile data speedsOrange speeds


I then signed up for 3′s One plan. As soon as I put it inside my phone, I started getting speeds of >5Mbps. The results of my tests at the same 5 locations: 5.26, 3.28, 1.29, 6.13, 4.77Mbps. I was happy with that as long as it was not under 1Mbps at any moment like the The Full Monty.

Out of curiosity, I kept testing it or even racing 3′s One Plan against my girlfriend’s iPhone who is on Orange. Orange kept winning on the download speeds beating 3′s data connection. However, 3 had slightly better upload speed. I decided to stay with 3 because with £25, you can unlimited data and tethering is allowed. I was happy with speeds nearing 5Mbps.



If you’re after:

  • big download speeds with limits of 2GB, then Orange is the network for you
  • upload speeds, then 3 is the network for you
  • decent speeds with unlimited data (like me), then 3′s One Plan is for you