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3 things I hate about iOS 7

iOS 7 icon

Apple yesterday showcased the much awaited iOS 7. At first when reading rumours that icons would be flattened, I said to myself… pffft rubbish talk! Apple would never ditch its gorgeous life-like icons as attention to detail is in their DNA. Boy was I wrong!

I forgot… I forgot that Steve Jobs was no longer at the helm of Apple!
I forgot that Scott Forstall is no longer at Apple!
Indeed this was the recipe for interface overhaul. And overhaul the OS they did!

  • At first glance, iOS 7 icons reminds me of Android.
  • Instead of sticking to their own unique iconography, they switched to more common ground as showcased by Android and other OS. Flat icons, completely binning the skeuomorphism. Some say users got bored with the interface. Who gets bored with leather and wood???

    To me that’s Apple following Android and other OS.

  • The control center
  • I’ll say this in 3 words: “Android task manager”. This feature has been available all along in other OSs. So no brownie points for Apple here. Sure it makes it simpler and easier to access but I never had any problems. You just put the settings on your iPhone bar so that you can access it all the time. Voila!

  • The colours make the phone look like a toy
  • Seriously was there a need for so much bright colours unless you’re trying to reach out to a toddling audience. Don’t get me wrong it is nice but the various colours and gradients in my opinion does not make it fit for an adult audience.

That said, there are some good points like the Parallax background image and AirDrop… maybe add the iTunes Radio (about time to compete with Spotify) in there as well. But that’s all I can think of.

Alas! Gone are the days where I could show off my iPhone icons v/s the Android users with a sense of grandeur from the leather and wooden feel…