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Spotify can help the music industry… not iTunes

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Yes you heard it right. It’s Spotify who can help the music industry. If the music industry is to survive piracy, it’s Spotify that will help it, not iTunes. I have recently jumped on board the Spotify bandwagon because I thought it was just another service just like iTunes. The very first time I checked it, it had few music on it so I dropped it but they have grown real big now to the point that they can help the music industry beat piracy.

The Spotify advantage

You’ll have to agree the diversity of music on Spotify is amazing and the price is even better – £9.99/month.

Let’s compare a typical scenario which got me signed up to Spotify. Want to listen to The Great Gatsby Soundtrack:

On iTunes: £10.99 one off price for whole album

On Spotify: For £9.99/month, you get all soundtracks minus $100 Bill by Jay-Z, Back to Black which are the big hits in this album.

Now, $100 bill and Back to Black are not hard to find via the pirated route but yet the music industry choose to withdraw these hit titles from Spotify. Music pirates won’t pay £0.99 twice to get these tiles, they’ll just download it. Having spoken to some music pirates, they have no problem paying £9.99/month with the variety of music available on Spotify.

iTunes did help reduce piracy at one time (people would buy a song for £0.99 instead of buying the whole CD) but now the time has come to pass the baton to Spotify who can further help reduce it. The sooner the music industry realises it, the better it will be for them.