Aug 16, 2013 - mobile    2 Comments

I’m weird: The iPhone 5 is badly designed for listening to music

iPhone 5

Now I love my iPhone 5. I really love the shape, the performance and the thinness but there’s one thing which bothers me which I think has been badly designed…

I like the SENA leather pouch for the iPhone and have always used it because the glass beauty of the iPhone 5 does not get lost behind a fat ugly casing. It’s magical when you pull it out with all the glass shining.

Anyway what I don’t like is this:

iPhone 5 on SENA pouch

The headphone/earphone jack is at the bottom of the iPhone 5. What I don’t like is that the speaker and microphone (the small holes at the bottom) are prone to catching dust this way. Yes I take very good care of my gadgets!!!

I prefer  the iPhone 4 one where it was at the top.

iPhone 4

While searching for the web for the reasons, I stumbled across this article on Why Is Apple Forcing Us All To Put Our Phones In Our Pockets Upside-Down?

Apparently, I’m weird as most people store their phone upside  down.