This blog represents my views and only my views and should not be deemed to be the views of Orange.

I am a tech guy with business & marketing skills. A very unusual mix of skills some would say but this is very representative of a path from startup to big corporation. I have over 13 years of experience in technology. I currently work for Orange Group as Partner Scout and Tech Support Manager where I scout for startups with interesting technology and products for strategic partnerships. I’m also a weekend entrepreneur.
Before working for Orange, I worked for a startup called Spoken Entertainment where I helped them secure £1 million investment for a pioneering online product.
As a weekend entrepreneur, I have started 2 startups on mobile apps (SportsStars – athletes to watch for London 2012 & Footballista – never miss football news) which have so far failed to gain the traction I was expecting. I’m still working on new ideas in search for the successful one.
I am passionate about football, fitness and technology.