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Why more big companies should partner with startups

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Ever since facebook and youtube burst on the digital scene and got invested in or acquired by bigger corporations, the scene in the digital world was set to change and change it did. Startups started cropping up in every big city with the dream of having a successful exit strategy. It flourished so much that incubation programs were setup by big corporations and workspace like Google Campus were setup to allow startups to blossom to their full potential.

Big companies now have their eyes on the startup world knowing the potential that these small organisations have, even though sometimes they are run by fresh university graduates.

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HTML5 vs Native…

Really nice event from the Mobile Monday guys last night with the theme being the hottest topic in Tech and Mobile industry: “HTML5 vs Native”.

Big debate about from the two teams, which was fantastically moderated by Ewan Macleod.

HTML5 devices

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