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Creating a business from apps

There have been few but some really good success stories from the apps stores. So far, only 5% of app developers have reported revenues exceeding projections while 27% have reported meeting revenue expectations. Games, social networking and entertainment are the app categories that enjoy the most success on app stores.

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Takings from Mobile Monday: Keep taking the tablets

Here I am back from an event by Mobile Monday: Keep taking the tablets.

Lots of good and interesting discussions around a panel which was led by Leila Makki of Telecom TV and consisted of:

  • David Gibbs, Director of Mobile Applications and Services, BSkyB,
  • Matt Pollitt, Account Director at UsTwo,
  • Rimma Perelmuter, Executive Director, Mobile Entertainment Forum,
  • David Roth-Ey, Group Digital Director, Harper CollinsĀ and
  • Mark Payton, Editorial Director, Haymarket Consumer Media.

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Apps… the new way to access the web

So I had this friend who called me up and wanted to buy an iPhone or HTC Desire HD (Android OS). He wanted to know which phone between the two he should get. I have to mention that my friend is an average phone user and not very techy yet he knew what android was and it was the other alternative OS to an iPhone. Here are details of the conversation…

Me: “So why do you want to use a smartphone, you only use your phone to call your wife anyway?”

Friend: “I want be able to access internet because at work I can’t deal with my shares since they blocked the sites. I want something fast or even better an app.”

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