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Jan 30, 2011 - mobile    No Comments

And 2010′s winner for the apps store race is…

Distimo has recently published a report about the App Stores growth.

App Store vs Android Market

This will not come as a surprise but overall Android has benefitted from the most apps published with the whole store growing by 544%. Despite being an Apple fan, I firmly believe in the future of Android. With so many manufacturers embracing Android thereby increasing its consumer exposure, it won’t be long before Android matches Apple’s inventory figures. Currently Apple still leads the way with 300,000 apps by doubling its contents in 2010 followed by Android’s 130,000 apps growing its number by 6 times as much. At this rate, Android will overtake App Store’s inventory of apps in 2011. This shows that developers have favoured Android more in 2010 and I can’t wait to relish the prospects of what 2011 will hold for the Android market.

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